Sponsor Plastics Recyclers Annual Meeting

Sponsor Plastics Recyclers Annual Meeting

Last Packages available!

Last opportunity to book a Sponsorship Package for the Plastics Recyclers Annual Meeting 2018. This year’s event will take place in Cascais, Portugal on 11 & 12 October 2018. 

The event's theme is Increased Collection: Cornerstone for higher recycling rates. It will feature the Working Group meetings on day 1, followed by the main conference on day 2.

Plastics Recyclers Europe Annual Meeting is the right event to promote and rise awareness of your brand. It brings together key players from the plastics recycling sector to learn and capitalise on the business opportunities plastics
recycling offers. The event is a perfect opportunity to network and meet your old and potential costumers as well as your business partners. 

Further details regarding the sponsorship packages can be found in the Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure

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About Plastics Recyclers Europe

Plastics Recyclers Europe was created in 1996 to represent plastics recyclers in Europe. It is located at Schuman in the heart of the European District in Brussels.
Plastics Recyclers Europe has more than 120 members from all over the EU and this number continues to grow.

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